Do you also think too much?

Has anyone ever said to you, “I think you’re reading too much into that?” Or, “It’s not that complicated!” Does it make you feel like you might be crazy?

You’re not crazy, my friend. You just believe the world is more complex than most people want to believe. Come embrace that complexity. Let’s think too much together.

Who am I?

I'm a writer. I’ve published two award-winning nonfiction books. She/He/They/Me (Sourcebooks) is a book about gender told as a choose your own adventure and a American Library Association Rainbow Roundtable Honor book. Throw Like a Girl, Cheer Like a Boy (Rowman and Littlefield) is everything interesting about gender, sexuality and race in sports in one handy-dandy little book. I’ve published essays and stories in places like Newsweek, Belt Magazine, StorySouth and CALYX Journal.

I’m a sociologist. I teach sociology and gender studies to college students in southern Indiana. I ask weird sociological questions, like why do nurses wear scrubs? Why don’t we all dress that comfortably for work? Where are my professor scrubs?

I’m a lover of places. I live in a small, historic town and give talks around the country on the topic of place-making and community.

I’m a sometime baker, gardener and knitter.

I’m a person who thinks too much.

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Robyn Ryle

Robyn Ryle is the author of two award-winning nonfiction books, She/He/They/Me and Throw Like a Girl, Cheer Like a Boy. She writes about culture, small town life, mindfulness, writing and various other things from a low-key sociological perspective.