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This makes me think of an article by Ynestra King in which she suggests the whole diet culture is but one facet of our endeavor to control and subdue the natural world more broadly. That rings true to me.

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I could have written all of this myself...even down to the popping (“crunch”) knee and the pain in the finger thing. I think I have arthritis in both of these body parts.

Amen to no scales! And fork BMI. Fork it to hell. 😎😂

No, but seriously. I hate the way western medicine comes up with some mathematical formula (as you described) and then that’s just baked into our culture and our psyche forever. Booo!

I thought the other day “I’m totally done with diets.” I’ve done enough of them to honestly know what I should eat and what I should stay away from - for reasons that go way beyond calories, fat, or even losing weight. Health, strength, and wellness are my objectives now. 💪🏻♥️🤘🥰

Stay healthy, strong, and well!

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I love you. A few years ago I too stopped weighing myself at home or at the doctor’s office. The nurses are always taken aback by my refusal to do as they ask. But I’m thinking perhaps they see something in my steely expression that has them thinking twice about my refusal. I think that if someone were to eat and drink as I do during the day, they would still be hungry. I must admit I’ve become a couch potato in my old age, but I was once young and athletic and I was still considered ‘fat’. So piss on everyone who looks at me with disgust as i chow down on something. Thanks for the validation, you wonderful woman!

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I've been listening to the podcast "Maintenance Phase" and it has really helped me. I gained quite a bit of weight due to important psychiatric medication and while I want to make sure I exercise and eat well, I don't want to focus on the weight aspect of it.

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I did find a diet that works (for me). I arrived on this youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@drekberg, started applying the advice given, and was able to loose 8 kg whereas I couldn't loose even one kilo before. I eat one meal a day, and 6 days a week. I fast one day a week. This diet is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

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