Sitemap - 2022 - You Think Too Much

Keeping it simple

A catalog of time

Get rejected early and often

A walking manifesto

But what do you really mean?

What's that feeling?

Do I stay or do I go?

Hasselback butternut squash and the plenitude of the universe

How I found (and lost) my agent

You drop your pizza on the sidewalk and then...

An ending and maybe a beginning

My smile at 48

What the body remembers

People taking pictures of barges

Baba Yaga and generational trauma

The world will not end on Nov. 8 (fingers crossed)

How to rest

Spells for the real world

Am I scared? Yes.

Wouldn't you rather be an ape?

Don't steal my time

Certain kind of people

The pandemic is over! Long live the pandemic!

Whose story is this?

Quitting early and often

The way through starts with Hamilton

Maybe I've been doing this all wrong

Life lessons from toilet paper

The sneaky persistence of seeds

The light of late August

Writing without a wrist

Neither here nor there

Curiosity did not kill the cat

This might be the best time of my life

The posts you won't read here

I hate meditating

Beauty and Mary Bennet

Instagram and a walk

Why is it so hard to be a human?

Life lessons from Kevin the cat

Thinking about food rules

Notes on the writing life: bad books

Thinking about merak

Thinking about being outside

Notes on the writing life: writing is a physical act

Thinking about the battle of the eggplant

Not really thinking

Thinking about direct flights

Thinking about white supremacy

Notes on the writing life: the California visit

Thinking about this shirt

Notes on the writing life: am I too boring?

Thinking about weed whackers

Notes on the writing life: saying nothing

Thinking about cow clogs

Notes on the writing life: space

Thinking about 300,000

Notes on the writing life: poetry

Thinking about the things you know

Thinking about crawling

Notes on the writing life: treat yourself

Thinking about assigned seats

Thinking about inequality and baseball

Notes on the writing life: textbook style

Thinking about what our bodies need

Thinking about hugging tighter

Notes on the writing life: the perfect draft

Thinking about blue zones

Notes on the writing life: villains and loving-kindness

Thinking about treadmills

Notes on the writing life: be my platform

Thinking about the Bengals

Notes on the writing life: the joy of pitching

Thinking about body projects

Resting is almost as good as sleeping

Thinking about grudges

Thinking about pagan holidays and tomatoes

Who made the world?

Thinking about this one, precious life

Thinking about what the fuck is really going on here

We are all meerkats now

Thinking about badminton rackets