Sitemap - 2023 - You Think Too Much

Let's talk about teeth

All by myself

Cupcakes and icing for dinner

The problem with rising expectations

I attempt to do magic

I knit sweaters no one ever wears

Walking in Madison, not Paris

Yeah, okay, let's talk about yards

The caladiums are running right on time

Vacations, annihilation and the void

If they hated me, they will hate you*

How to know things and still have hope

We did this!

Port William, Yoknapatawpha County, Crosby, St. Mary Mead and…Lanier?

Killing the butterfly

The soft underside

You do not have to weigh your flour

Is Indiana the stupidest name ever?

A conversation with my ranunculus

For all the people still stuck on the crappy court

Book people are the best people

Yes, we have Pride in Indiana because gay people are everywhere

What you can't tell about a book by its cover

The first fireflies of summer, fluff bugs, and ceramic antelope heads

A writing manifesto

A gentle conversation with Satya Robyn

The alchemy of creative attention

All shipwrecks are disasters of white supremacy

The ant and the peony

FILE NAME: that next, big exciting project I might never do

Maybe big isn't always bad

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Find the book you know you could write

Stories that are no longer true: the myth of hardness

Lessons from a parsley plant

Will Notes feel less soul-crushing than Twitter? Let's find out together

Don't ever have someone you can't stand next to in the line of march

We're going to need a better habit tracker

The book of good Robyn

I don't remember what this post is about

Choosing the group, even when it's the hard thing to do

The solution, strangely enough, is to keep writing

Why don't I have 1,000 subscribers?

Yes, I can totally explain the post-it notes all over the walls

My hands know things

Crawling along

Where does community come from?

Tears and goosebumps and awe

Joy is terrifying

This is not a pandemic anniversary piece

The old man in the truck with his dog

Life is pain, Princess

The bravery of daffodils

Everything falls apart

What I learned in a novel workshop with Elizabeth Strout

Mommy, what would make you smile?

Adventures in St. Petersburg

The swords of the mind

The joy and terror of small steps

Why I will never weigh myself again